We, Neil & Tracey Gooding are the proprietors of this local family owned & operated full service restaurant.    We are hands on with the daily operations, including cooking & serving within the restaurant , amongst other things.   Our core part time staff includes our children, Jillian, Rebecca & Benjamin.  They have been raised within the hospitality industry & have a true appreciation for the hard work & dedication it takes to make our operation a successful one. 

Ben's Kitchen & Bar opened in December of 2015, with designs on providing our local area with a "Home Cooked Meals" dining experience.  Our intention is to be unique and offer a Freshly prepared Dining alternative to the  "Chain Style" or "Boil in Bag" restaurants.   

Menu items are cooked to order & made from scratch In House, using fresh, quality ingredients.   Our recipes  have been passed down from generations & are tried, tested & true.   When preparing our Menu items we are very conscientious of  ingredients that are being added to our selections.  We are careful to use a minimum (if any) salts  or additives to our menu options.  We do not use or add any tenderizers or  preservatives to our meals.  Instead, we choose to use a variety  of cooking methods , herbs & spices to enhance the flavors. 

Our Mission is to offer our guests a comfortable social setting, a place to relax & enjoy good quality food & beverages at reasonable  prices.